Beaupre's Fullblood Boer Goats

Our aim is to produce both stud and commercial genetically superior bucks and does who grow quicker on organic pastures, are resistant to disease, are lean and well-muscled meeting carcase specifications and are sociable, happy and thrive in a Tasmanian environment.


Established in 2019 and located in the pristine Huon Valley surrounded by coastal waters, Beaupre Farm Boer Goat Stud is Australia’s southernmost registered Boer Goat stud and has produced winning stud animals at state level. The farm has 5 unique ecosystems including an endangered Eucalyptus dry forest and woodland, beach and billabong.

Beaupre Farm uses sustainable regenerative farming practices which protect our sensitive ecosystems and enhance soil health to ensure both animals and land remain healthy and are resilient to climate change. We practice conservation tilling, composting, use compost teas and rotationally graze our goats on diverse crop pastures. These carbon sequestration practices remove carbon from the atmosphere and place it back into the soil which help to mitigate and reverse global warming.

Our goats live a stress-free, healthy, outdoor life, graze and socialise naturally, have great coastal views, roam under the sun and in the fresh air to produce some of the finest goat meat in Tasmania and robust breeding stock.

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Beaupre Farm has sold all of our 2021 stock. 2022 stock will be advertised for sale around March 2023.